A loose guide to podcasting - Alex Kime

Just because everyone has a podcast doesn't mean they're easy.

Creating a podcast is very easy nowadays, you can easily do it within a few hours from the comfort of your home. That’s how easy it really is to get into the world of podcasting, you need minimal equipment and you can create a great podcast. Of course, there are some things to consider, as you will notice below.

Select the right topic and podcast title

Nowadays you can find podcasts on just about any topic. You will find some focused on politics, others on exploration, skateboarding and so on. It’s imperative to cover things that you are very passionate about. Once you select your niche, try to find a podcast title that’s easy to remember and catchy. Long podcast names are not recommended, keeping it short and sweet is the right way to go here. You will also need to write a podcast description for podcasting services. In this case you want to make it short, enticing and also informative for the audience.

Prepare the podcast artwork

You also need to think about podcast branding. Creating some artwork for your podcast is crucial and it will just help you create an identity for your podcast. You want people to relate to it, so try to make it interesting and also connected to what you are talking about.

Plan your episodes

You need to plan your episodes in advance so you always have something to post for your audience. Selecting a topic for every episode is important, and then you need to find the right format. Your podcast can be a news and events show, it can be a solo-style podcast, or it can be a multi-host show. You can also have an interview-style podcast where you introduce someone to your audience.

Just a screenshot from Alex Kime’s favorite show.

Find the right podcast length

A lot of podcast pros will have random lengths, but you can go ahead and stick with a certain length if you want. The ideal thing to focus on here is your audience. If people are listening to the podcast while commuting, then it shouldn’t be super long. Ideal lengths are 30 minutes to an hour, maybe more than that. Once you have that, select the right podcast schedule. This way people will know when you are posting new content. Select the right podcast hosting provider as well.

Recording the podcast

It’s a good idea to have a script for your podcast in order to manage everything accordingly and ensure that you have some guidelines for the process. Preparing the recording process is just as important. Normally for a podcast you will need a microphone, digital recorders, a computer and headphones. Software-wise, tools like Audacity, Adobe Audition or GarageBand will be very good.

Get some music

Alex Kime makes all of his music on a ukulele like it is a low budget car commercial., but there are services that offer you licensed music for your projects for a very low fee every month. That will be a good starting point, since it will breathe some life into your podcast, while also making the content less stale.

Now that you have everything, make sure that you edit the episode to cut parts that are not fit for the production itself. Once that is done, export it to MP3 and then publish it to directories like Spotify and iTunes. Then you will be ready to generate an audience and finally follow your dream to create a cool podcast!